How to create a blog website with WordPress in 2022 [Updated]

Want to create a blog to share your thoughts and skills with the world? And want to know How to create a blog website with WordPress ?

There’s never been a stronger time to create a blog. And thanks to some easy free tools, it’s additionally never been easier to induce started, although you’ve got no technical data.

Who is aware of – down the road, you may even be able to create an aspect or full financial gain from your blog. That takes time, however there are lots of individuals proving that it’s potential.

In this post, we’re getting to show you the simplest way to create a blog in 2022—using WordPress. Each over the world, around 96% of blog websites have been made with WordPress.

So, you can imagine how popular WordPress is for creating blog websites. However, also this section is just for you, If you need to make your own WordPress blog website without coding.

With underneath Associate in Nursing hour of your time and fewer than $50, you’ll be a part of the ranks of these bloggers – we’re getting to show you the way.

Keep reading for our gradual orientate the way to begin a journal in 2021 and on the far side.

How to create a blog website with WordPress

While there are lots of completely different tools to assist you to create a blog, WordPress is that the preferred and most suitable choice, that is why we’re getting to use it for this tutorial. Here’s why we have preferred to like WordPress:

  • It’s free.
  • You don’t want any special technical data – anyone will use WordPress.
  • There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes, that allow you to management however your blog appearance.
  • There are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins, that allow you to add new options to your blog.
  • Because it’s therefore widespread, there’s a large WordPress community that makes it straightforward to seek out facilitate with virtually something.

WordPress is so modifiable that if you have zero knowledge about coding, you can make a whole blog website with it. It’s so all-around and elastic to use. That means, if you need to involve any customizable features, you can go that painlessly.

Either, it comes with dereliction WordPress themes or you can take from any prepared ones with or without paying any plutocrat. All the WordPress themes are made in a way that’s 100% responsive, and user-friendly. So that your visitors can fluently navigate your website from any device without facing any hassles.

What you’ll need to start blog with WordPress

Getting started with a WordPress blog website means you have to induce a road map and follow all step-by- step, Then we’ve adverted all the items from scrape so that you can bring about your own WordPress blog incontinent.

While there are lots of different tools to support you to create a blog, WordPress is the most popularized and stylish option, which is why we’re going to apply it for this tutorial. Then’s why we like WordPress.

Here are the details, what you need to start your blog website using WordPress:
  1. A domain name [That’s your blog identity]
  2. Hosting [For store your blog database and files]
  3. Connect your domain and hosting
  4. Setup and install WordPress
  5. Access your WordPress Dashboard
  6. Create your first blog post
  7. Install Themes[For your blog site design and appearance]
  8. Setup necessary Plugin
  9. Connect your blog site on Google search
  10. Start marketing and SEO for your blog

However, it’s vital to clear up that we’re talking regarding self-hosted WordPress, that is totally different from If you would like to be told all the variations, look at our full self-hosted WordPress vs comparison…but the fundamental plan is simply that you’re not attending to use for this tutorial. Instead, you’re attending to use self-hosted WordPress (available at, that is that the free, open-source WordPress software package.

1. Pick and Purchase a Domain Name

To show your blog on the internet! Then you need to a domain name. Your domain name is your blog’s permanent address on the Internet. For example, ours is

Choosing domain name for your blog, then you need to select a niche for your blog. Niche’s is very important for your new free blog site. So when you pick a domain, then try to choose a domain name about your favorite niche.

If you need any kind of Niche Idea and pick up domain guide, you can see the details to starting a blog website and Get best niche Idea

You’ve already selected your journal niche? Nice! Then creating your free WordPress blog accessible to people around the world or prepared for search engine improvement needs 2 things:

  • Hosting—Files, Database and all of your blog’s information are stored on a hosting server. So definitely you need a hosting for your blog.
  • Domain—Your blog name/brand value Identity. The domain name is your blog’s permanent web address. You can check your favorite domain name in Namecheap—Here. Alternatively, you can purchase domain from others like GoDaddyBluehostHostinger etc.
এই সম্পর্কিত আরও পড়ুন -   Wix vs WordPress: এসইও – এর জন্য কোনটা ভাল?

Here’s how to purchase your domain name:

  1. Go to Namecheap
  2. Enter your domain in the search box
  3. Add your domain name to your cart (make sure you choose the proper domain extension – e.g. “.com”)
  4. Complete the checkout process to finalize your purchase.
How to create a blog website with WordPress

2. How to Get your hosting your WordPress blog.

Hosting is the most important things on your blog. Whereas your domain name is your blog’s public address on the Internet, your web hosting is the behind-the-scenes engine that actually powers your blog’s software and serves up your site’s content to visitors from around the world.

Now it’s time to get into the weeds a bit. The next steps really depend on your actual goals.

How to sign up for WordPress hosting at Namecheap

So WordPress is the tool that you’ll use to build your website. But you also need a web host. That’s the actual server that will store your site and make it available to anyone who visits.

Every website on the Internet is on a web host. And the best place as you can go for hosting in Namecheap. Follow the step and punches your hosting.

How to create a blog website with WordPress
namecheap shared hosting

Select the Stellar pack for beginner blog site cause this is the best option for you if you are to start your blog as beginner. Now select Get Started.

Purchase Hosting with free Domain.

How to create a blog website with WordPress
Namecheap hosting pack

Now if you already purchase a domain name then you choose Existing Domain Name option. After you select it, then you need to sign in Namecheap account. So if you don’t have any Namecheap account, you can go sign up option and create Namecheap account then connect your Existing Domain.

But If you don’t even buy a domain yet, then you can go New Domain Name option. Namecheap offers a free domain for 1 year with this hosting pack. But they don’t offer all of TLDs. Read this post “What is a TLD? to get a better idea about TLDs. You will register new domain with this hosting pack this TLDs – .fun, .host, .online, .site, .press, .store, .space, .pw, .tech, .website, .agency, .center, .digital, .live, .studio.

After completing the domain selection step, you just simply click Add to card

How to create a blog website with WordPress
Namecheap Hosting purchase

Now here is your all information like domain, hosting, domain privacy and all products cost. See if the all item is alright, then you go to Confirm Order. Just click here.

How to create a blog website with WordPress
Namecheap order confirmation

In this page, you need to select Payment Method and set up all of your contact information. Namecheap except most of all popular payment methods like—Cryptocurrency, PayPal, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, Discover. Choose a payment method and update your information, then click Continue.

Namecheap Payment
Namecheap Payment

This is the final step to buy a hosting pack for your WordPress blog site. The all step you will follow correctly then finally just click Pay Now and purchase your hosting.


3. Connect your domain and hosting.

If you are purchase domain from others! Now you need to point your Domain to your Namecheap Hosting.

Let’s do a quick recap.

  • You bought your domain using a domain registrar.
  • You signed up for a hosting plan.
  • Point your Domain to your hosting plan

Now you’re reaching to connect all that stuff along by pointing your domain to your host. Then when individuals go to your domain, they’ll find yourself on your web site.

There ar some technical settings you would like to use. This involves configuring some nameserver settings on your domain registrar for your domain. Your host can provide you with the proper settings; you’re trying to find their nameserver settings.

If you’re confused, simply reach resolute a client service rep from the host and they’ll assist you out.

Once you have got the nameserver data from your host, get in your domain registrar and tack those settings for the domain that you simply wish to purpose at your website. Once you’re done, it’ll look one thing like this:

Namecheap Nameserver Setup
Namecheap Nameserver Setup

4. Setup and install WordPress with cPanel.

If you would like to make a WordPress blog, you’re getting to, unsurprisingly, need to install the WordPress software.

When you completed the sign-up process in the previous step, you should have received an email from Namecheap with details on how to log in to the Namecheap Customer Area.

WordPress Installation process is very simple from Namecheap host. Simply log in your Namecheap account Dashboard. Now select Hosting List, You will see your purchased hosting.

Namecheap Hosting List
Namecheap Hosting List

Now click Manage. You find out your hosting information page. Here is your hosting pack information.

Manage Namecheap Hosting
Manage Namecheap Hosting

Here you can see Go To cPanel. Just click here. You will redirect your hosting cPanel.

Wordpress Manager
WordPress Manager

Scroll Down to your cPanel Account and follow the Software section, WordPress Manager by Softaculous. Click here.

How to create a blog website with WordPress
Install WordPress

This is WordPress Installation dashboard, You will see here of previous WordPress installation of your hosting. If Your hosting has does not have installed any WordPress, You will not show any previous Installations.

How to create a blog website with WordPress
WordPress Installation

It will show you WordPress Setup manager. Here at your convenience, by setting more necessary information including website name and admin password, click on Install below all.

এই সম্পর্কিত আরও পড়ুন -   ব্যাকলিংক (Backlink‌) কি? ব্যাকলিংক তৈরি করার সহজ উপায়

Once you finish the installation process, you can access your new blog’s dashboard by going to

5. Access Your WordPress Dashboard

Now, you’re able to access your WordPress dashboard, that is essentially the control panel for your blog.

To access your dashboard, visit and log in exploitation the credentials. For example, if your blog is, you’d visit

A Look At the WordPress Dashboard
Again, the WordPress dashboard is essentially the control panel for your blog. This can be wherever you’ll be able to manage:

  • Your blog posts and alternative content
  • How your blog appearance (via a theme)
  • What functionality your blog has (via plugins)
  • Basic configuration settings regarding your blog
WordPress Dashboard
WordPress Dashboard

Now that you learned how to create a WordPress blog, you’re probably excited to get to blogging!

We’ll show you how to change how your blog looks and functions in a second. But first, let’s go over just how easy it is to start blogging on your new website.

When you first log in to your blog’s WordPress dashboard, you should see a screen like this:

6. How to create your first blog post.

In the next steps, we’ll cover dominant how your blog appearance via a theme and adding options via plugins. But before that, why not take a fast detour to try to do one thing fun – write your first blog post.

To do that, visit Posts → Add New in your WordPress dashboard. This may launch the block editor, that is what you’ll use to feature your blog content.

To add text, all you are doing is click you do. For different parts, like pictures, quotes, or buttons, you’ll click the “plus” icon to feature a replacement “block”. You’ll conjointly use blocks to regulate layout, like adding columns or spacing:

Write a blog post on WordPress
Write a blog post on WordPress

Add some Pages to your website

Now it’s time to make individual pages for your website. To create pages on your website, go to Pages→ Add New in your WordPress dashboard.

You’ll do that at with WordPress. WordPress has 2 kinds of content: pages and posts.

Think of posts as blog posts that are published beneath a “blog” section of a website. If you’re not coming up with on having a blog, then you’ll be able to skip posts entirely.

Pages are the additional permanent pages on your website. Like About us or Contact us pages. Once you’re initial making your web site, you would like to induce a batch of pages live, thus your website feels real.

Every web site includes a few commonplace pages you ought to create:

  • Homepage – Your WordPress theme typically has settings for this page.
  • Contact Page – produce a new page and install a WordPress form plugin, therefore you’ll be able to add a form to the page.
  • About page – Tell your story and why you’ve started your business or blog
  • Product or services pages – For the main services or product that you’re giving, it’s an honest plan to create an ardent page for each.
  • Blog – If you’re building a blog, confirm all of your posts get listed here.

This list can get you started. You’ll continuously add additional later.

7.Install and Customize WordPress Theme to Start a Blog

This is where most new bloggers get tripped up – they spend hours and hours in search of an ideal theme. Therefore, let me take a load off your mind: your theme isn’t that important once you are simply getting started. Your sole focus ought to be making content and obtaining it out there for people to check. Don’t worry about your site’s style an excessive amount of till you have got a large audience to inform you whether or not they adore it.

By default, you’ll see the yearly WordPress theme active on your web site. Automatic (the of us behind WordPress) release a brand new one annually and every one is geared towards bloggers (the most up-to-date theme
Twenty Twenty-One, however, Twenty Twenty-Two is on its way). Every year this new theme is usually over appropriate for those simply obtaining started with WordPress to start out a blog.

Where Can You Find and Install Free Themes?

If you don’t want to pay any money for your theme, the best place to search is the official theme directory.

All of the themes listed there are:

  • 100% free
  • Code checked by the WordPress Theme Review Team
  • Tagged for easy searching

Some good free options to get started with are:

All of these themes are multipurpose, which means you can use them for literally any type of blog. They also include lots of useful demo sites that are more eye catching and functionable.

  • Go to Appearance → Themes in your WordPress dashboard
  • Click on Add New
  • On the next screen, search for the name of the theme that you found
  • Hover over the theme and click Install
WordPress theme
WordPress theme
  • Wait for the Install button to change to Activate
  • Click the Activate button to make your theme live

That’s it! Your new free WordPress theme is installed and activated. Now you can start customizing and editing.

এই সম্পর্কিত আরও পড়ুন -   ব্যান্ডউইথ কি? আপনার ব্লগের জন্য কত ব্যান্ডউইথ প্রয়োজন?

Best free WordPress theme 2022

If you’re searching for only the simplest free WordPress themes within the marketplace for 2022, then you’re can follow this section. We’ve explained best free themes for you right here!

This list covers loads of ground. Here’s what you’ll notice below: niche themes, multipurpose themes, business themes, negligible themes, free WordPress themes designed with Bootstrap, responsive themes (optimized for mobile and desktop), themes for page builders like Elementor.

To not mention, all of them are absolutely free to download. If you would like to make a style modification this year, or simply need some recommendations during this direction, you’re getting to fancy this a lot. Here’s the whole list of the simplest free WordPress themes out there.

In this guide, we’ve done the analysis for you and selected the most effective free WordPress themes you’ll begin mistreatment in no time.

Top 05 best free WordPress themes 2022

  1. Neve
  2. Kadence 
  3. Astra
  4. Hestia
  5. OceanWP

If you want to know all details about this theme, you can see this article in total discussion about top 05 free WordPress themes—Top 10 best free WordPress themes of 2022. Updated List.

8. How to install WordPress plugin to your website.

For more functionalities, looks, and cool features then you need to Install Recommended Plugins for your WordPress site.

In reality, you are doing not want any plugins to urge started as a blogger. WordPress is well-equipped out of the box. However, their square measure some plugins that I might suggest you install and activate to urge the foremost out of your blog.

Install plugin in your WordPress site, Go to Plugin→ Add New. If you have any downloaded plugin, then click Upload Plugin.

how to install wordpress plugin
How to install WordPress plugin

10 Best recommended Plugin for WordPress site

This plugin is must have WordPress plugin you need to set up for your blog.

  1. Akismet Anti-Spam
  2. Jetpack
  3. Loginizer
  4. Site Kit by Google
  5. Yoast SEO
  6. WPForms
  7. Optimole
  8.  WP Super Cache
  9. Wordfence Security
  10. Social Snap

Install this all plugin and start optimizing your WordPress site. This plugin will help you to add more functionalities and make your blog site eye catching. We will describe you soon about this plugin, and recently we create a detail’s article about must have WordPress plugin.

9. How to make my WordPress site visible on Google search.

Now It’s time to visible your blog on Google search engine. If you want your website to be available in Google search engine, you have to follow the following steps.

how to set up google site kit
How to set up google site kit plugin

Install Site Kit by Google plugin and activate.

Now click START SETUP on site kit plugin

On the other page, Click Sign in with Google, Then follow the site kit plugin instruction and complete your setup process. This plugin is connected to your site on Google Search Console. Google search console is an intelligent program to visible your site on google search.

10. How to start SEO on WordPress site.

Finally, if you want to share your Idea’s, Content to worldwide or any Targeted Country. Then you must have to start SEO for your blog site. SEO is a lengthy process to rank your blog site. I’ll share you details article about it. But now I am tech you of the basic of SEO. Let’s follow the instruction –

First Install the Yoast SEO plugin and activate.

Yoast SEO plugin
Yoast SEO plugin

Then go to SEO option on your WordPress dashboard and click Features. You will see some option and make all option enabled on free version of Yoast SEO plugin.

Now click XML sitemap info icon and click  See the XML sitemap. You see the website sitemap on a new tab.

Check your sitemap URL and make it copy.

Now go to your Google Search Console dashboard and click Sitemaps on sidebar.

Then submit your website sitemap on Google Search Console.

These settings make your website helped to visible on Google search engine. This is a very basic part of SEO to show your website in Google search engine. We will publish a detailed article about this very soon. You can also follow this article if you want to SEO your blog. See—SEO GUIDE.

Bonus Part

I hope you have learned how to build a blog site with WordPress and also some important information.

If you want to bring your blog to the rankings, you must do enough marketing for the blog. When you publish a blog, share it on various social media and let people know about your blog.

With digital marketing, you can easily bring your blog to the rankings. Also publish your blog on various Q&A sites and link your blog there by answering your blog related questions.

If you want, you can post guest on your niche related and good domain authority sites and link your blog there. By doing this, you will get a lot of visitors and your blog site will rank faster. Good luck to you.

If you have any questions, inquiries or know anything, please leave a comment.

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